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There has been no evidence to suggest COVID-19 can be spread or contracted by our canine friends. What a relief! 


Here at Station Cottage we are taking a few extra steps to make sure we protect our customers and ourselves from any possible coronavirus left on dogs fur or leads etc, however unlikely.  Therefore, we have implemented the following handover procedures until this epidemic has run its course.


Handover Procedures:

  • Drop-off / Pickup Times. Customer times will be staggered, to avoid customers arriving at the same time. Please let us know your times on booking.

  • No contact handover. At your allotted time you will be able to drive in as usual. The twin gates to the side of the house will be used as the ‘no contact’ drop off area. On arrival with your dog/s please put your dog through the first set of gates, step back behind the gate and we will come out to collect them. The reverse will happen when you come to collect your dog/s, so please wait behind the gate and we will put your dog/s through into the collection area for you. 

  • Wipe down. We will be giving each dog a wipe down with a ‘pet safe’ disposable wipe before we bring them inside and again before handing them back to you.

  • During this period, please take your lead/s and any other belongings home with you (collars are fine and will be wiped down). We will be using our own leads, bowls, toys etc for the time being.  

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